what is container seal

Container seals are similar to latches imposed by specific personnel after the goods are loaded into the container and the doors are properly closed. Early seals are made of lead, so they are called lead seals, but now they have been updated long time ago, there are aluminum, iron, plastic and so on, which are more environmental friendly and safer. Each seal has a unique number, called the seal number, within a short period of time, the seal number is absolutely no duplication, the customer by confirming the seal number can determine whether the container has been opened. Once the seal is correctly locked, it can not be opened, except for non-violent damage (i.e., cut), after the destruction of the seal, can not be used again. In international logistics, as long as the container appearance is intact, the container door is correctly closed, the lead seal is normally locked, it can prove that the container in transit without private opening, the situation in the box by the boxer in the box supervision and responsibility.

Correct lock seal position

The correct container lead seal position should be like this: in the left and right box door on each of the two rods, in the closed box door first off the left box door and then snap on the left snap, followed by off the right box door snap on the right snap. In fact, no matter which door with lead blockade, can ensure the closure of the box door, but strictly speaking is the left side first after the right side.

How to open container seal?

Understanding the location of the container lead lockout, then how to open it? This is also a professional problem.

Container lead lock is a one-time lock, after being broken can no longer be used. Each seal has a unique number, customs inspection and customs transit need to check the integrity of the lead blockade, open the need to use external force to cut the lead blockade. After inspection, customs officers put on a seal of their own, telling everyone that no one is allowed to open or destroy it privately.

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