Hexagonal cable seal parts

hexagonal seal lock head

Working for  hexagon cable seal, also called hex wire seal, hexagonal cable seal raw material spare parts

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A hexagonal cable seal has a few key parts to keep things simple:

  • Hexagonal Body: This is the main part of the seal, kind of like its body armor. It houses the lock and gives the seal its tough structure.
  • Locking Gadget: Inside the hexagonal body, there’s a little gadget that locks the seal. It grabs onto the cable and makes sure the seal stays put.
  • Cable Hole: There’s a hole in the seal that lets the cable slide through. It’s made just right to fit the size of the cable snugly.
  • Tamper Signs: The seal comes with signs that show if someone has tried messing with it. Things like numbered seals that you can see change if someone tries to open it.
  • Strong Stuff: Hexagonal cable seals are built tough. They’re made from strong materials like metal or sturdy plastic to handle all sorts of weather and stop people from breaking in.
  • Hexagonal Shape: The head of the seal is shaped like a hexagon. It’s not just for looks – hexagons are trickier to mess with compared to round shapes, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Personal Touch: Some seals let you add your own touch, like engraving a serial number or your company logo.

This helps keep track of things and shows that it’s your seal.

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