Bolt Seal Spare Parts Spring

Container bolt seal spare parts spring

  • 0.07×11.5mm
  • 1.2x12mm
  • 1.2×14.5mm
  • 1.2×15.5mm
  • 1.3x13mm
  • 1.3x15mm


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Bolt seal spare parts spring product description:

Bolt seal spring is one of the part of locking mechanism or securing mechanism: As the spring relaxes, bolt seal bush fitting can tightly clamp the recessed part in the sleeve rod (bolt seal pin )to prevent the high-security seal sleeve rod from slipping. The internal spring mechanism that secures the seal in place, often designed to be tamper-resistant. This includes the specific design elements that secure the seal pin.


The spring is typically made of high-quality, durable carbon steel or hardened steel to ensure longevity and reliability. Its design allows it to withstand various environmental conditions and resist corrosion, ensuring the integrity of the seal even in harsh or demanding environments.

In terms of spare parts for bolt seals, the spring is one of the critical components that only can work at one time. It can not be replaced when wear and tear or damaged, with this irreparable properties and work as a locking mechanism and sealed to prevent unauthorized access to the cargo.

bolt seal spare parts
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The product quality is good and met my requirements. The service was very good and the delivery speed was very fast. Thank Alisa for his professional and patient service.

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bolt seal for cargo containers

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