Bolt seal head lock part

Bolt seal spare parts

This bolt seal spare parts workable for bolt seals, container seals, also called bolt seal bush, bolt seal lock head.

Dia * Height * Hole dia

  • 15mmx22mmx7mm
  • 15mmx22mmx8mm
  • 15mmx26mmx7mm
  • 15mmx26mmx8mm
  • 18mmx22mmx7mm
  • 18mmx22mmx8mm
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Bolt seal head spares parts is a complete fitting consist of below components:

  • Main Body: Think of this like the seal’s main body armor. It’s the tough outer shell that keeps everything secure.
  • Locking Thingy: Inside the body, there’s a little gadget that does the locking. It grabs onto the cable or whatever needs sealing and keeps it locked up tight.
  • Hole for Stuff: The seal has a hole – kind of like a tunnel – where the cable or whatever you’re sealing goes through. It’s made just right so things fit in snug.
  • Tough Material: Security seals are made to be strong. They’re built from hard stuff like metal or solid plastic, so they can handle rough weather and stop people from breaking in.
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The product quality is good and met my requirements. The service was very good and the delivery speed was very fast. Thank Alisa for his professional and patient service.

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