Security Seal Spare Parts

Security seals are very simple but important products in transportation process. Security seal spare parts elements also called locking mechanism: The internal mechanism that secures the seal in place, often designed to be tamper-resistant. This security seal parts are integrated into the design to enhance the seal’s effectiveness in preventing tampering and ensuring the integrity of the sealed item.


Bolt seal spring specification:

  • 0.07×11.5mm
  • 1.2x12mm
  • 1.2×14.5mm
  • 1.2×15.5mm
  • 1.3x13mm
  • 1.3x15mm

Bolt seal spare parts specification

  • 15mmx22mmx7mm
  • 15mmx22mmx8mm
  • 15mmx26mmx7mm
  • 15mmx26mmx8mm
  • 18mmx22mmx7mm
  • 18mmx22mmx8mm

Hexagonal Head: The hexagonal shape of the head not only provides a distinct visual appearance but also offers an additional layer of security, as hexagonal shapes are more challenging to tamper with compared to circular shapes.