PP material in security seal

“pp material is polypropylene, polypropylene is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless milky white highly crystalline polymer, density is only 0. 90 — 0. 91g/cm3, is currently one of the lightest varieties of all plastics.”

A. What is PP material

pp plastic, chemical name: polypropylene, English name: Polypropylene (referred to as pp). Specific gravity:0.9-0.91g/cm3, molding shrinkage:1.0-2.5%, molding temperature:160-220℃PP, a crystalline polymer. the comprehensive performance of PP is better than PE material. the products made of PP are light, tough and chemically resistant. It is a high-density, non-side chain, highly crystalline linear polymer, with excellent overall performance.

Second, whether the PP material is heat-resistant

PP polyester is a non-crystalline, its melting point should be above 220, its heat deflection temperature should be about 121 degrees, but after all is a large polymer, the higher the temperature of the precipitation of small analysis of the possibility of zwitterion, and most of these substances are not conducive to human health, and according to customer use, the general boiling water 100 degrees, so the general plastic cups are not marked more than 100 degrees. The plastic cups are generally not marked more than 100 degrees.

Three, whether PP material is toxic

To know whether the pp material is toxic, we should first of all to the essence of pp material to an accurate understanding of it, the so-called pp material, which is what we usually say in life polypropylene, it is a white translucent no side chain, high-density linear polymer, good oil resistance and resistance to weak acids and bases, good overall performance, often used in the home, buckets, tubs, bottle caps and other things Production.

Inside the pp material with high purity propylene as the main material, including a small amount of ethylene copolymer, after drying, mixing, extrusion, granulation, sieving and homogenization of polypropylene particles, such particles are cylindrical particles, particles are very bright and clean, without any mechanical impurities, it has good mechanical properties and heat resistance, in the temperature range of – 30 degrees Celsius to 140 degrees Celsius It is non-toxic when used within the temperature range of -30°C to 140°C.


Unitan Seal Co.,Ltd. plastic seals are made of high quality PP injection molding, with the characteristics of firm sealing, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, sealing and locking completed at one time, strong anti-corrosion function, etc.. They can be used in apparel, shoes, luggage, garden, logistics, aviation, shipping, railroad, electric power, banking and other industries, and are often used for sealing products, anti-theft, anti-bag transfer, marking products, consolidating positioning and so on. The color can be customized according to customer requirements, and its surface can be laser printed with the company’s logo and name, serial number, letters, numbers, 2D code and barcode, etc. according to user requirements.

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