Plastic seal material

Plastic seals are used in our daily production life, its strong and durable, flexible, bending and other characteristics, so that it can mark the majority of items, equipment to apply the seal. The source of these characteristics is determined by the plastic material used, so what are the common plastic seals made of?

Most of the plastic seals are made of PP (polypropylene) and PE (polyethylene) through a certain ratio adjustment, PP (polypropylene) has a good rigidity to make the output of the seal has increased hardness, PE (polyethylene) added to make the seal has a wax-like feel and can withstand low temperatures. By adjusting the ratio of PP and PE, the plastic seal can have the characteristics of both materials and improve the usability of the seal.

In addition, the plastic seal will also add the powder for laser, ordinary seal without laser powder, through the laser printing, out of the handwriting is very light, so the need to add laser is also an essential material in the plastic seal. And then for example, if you need to add special night luminous nature, you can add a certain proportion of phosphor to the plastic seal, so as to achieve the role of night luminous.

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