lead seal

lead wire seals

Lead and wire seals are single-use security seals that secure access to water meters as well as drums and hoppers using a wire. The wire is passed through a hole in a metal disc, crushed with a required security seal press to seal it, and then crimped into a “S” shape for an added tamper evident feature. There are many applications for lead and wire seals including agriculture, law enforcement, storage, etc.

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Recent customer review
Philippines Seals Clilent
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Unitan Seal Co employee Gullia provided good service, the lead seals were made and shipped quickly. The cables look great.
United States
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It was great experience. Lead wire seal samples are good as per specification. We hope to have long term business relation with this vendor in near future
UK Client
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satisfied with the product.product exactly as it says and communication was very easy

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