meter seal development

The lead seal in the electric power industry is a seal installed by specific personnel in specific departments on the key parts of the meter or on certain specific terminal blocks for metering after the power metering device is wired correctly. We all remember clearly that no matter on our own electricity meter or water meter, there will be a small thing to hold the door, forbidding non-authorized people to open it at will, this thing is “lead seal”.

The characteristic of lead is soft, and “lead seal” was initially named for its high lead content. However, with the development of society, the seal has also gone through numerous generations of development and renewal, until now, the “seal” has nothing to do with lead, not only does not contain lead, and the appearance has changed, so it is a bit anachronistic to be called “seal” again. What to do? What to do? Change the name, called the seal, how, is more connotative?

The seal is also disposable, once properly locked, it cannot be opened except for non-violent damage (i.e. cut), and the broken seal cannot be reused.
The early seals and pliers are shown below, and it is very simple to use, a metal wire is threaded into it, and then a vise is used to clamp the seal. For the power supply bureau, they would prepare a special pliers with two words like “power supply” printed on it, and the two words would be left on the seal with a clip.
Although the seal can be bought everywhere, but you can not buy pliers, once someone has moved the seal, the power supply bureau can also see.

Since the lead seal has many disadvantages, especially easy to be replaced and the anti-counterfeiting function is not strong, it was slowly eliminated, and then the following seal with code appeared.

There is a unique number identification on each seal, and this seal is beautiful and generous, not only applied to the encapsulation of metering meters, but also used in all walks of life where encapsulation is needed. Such as also used for different types of tank lids, boxes and other devices and special circumstances, special places to add seals. 

As we know, any occasion where sealing is used is a very important occasion. With the development of technology, in order to facilitate better management of sealing, barcode coded sealing has emerged, as shown in the figure below.
As the application of QR code becomes more and more widespread, the seal with QR code also comes into the family of meter package for metering, and now it has been used on a large scale.

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