How to cut bolt seal?

You can use bolt cutters to remove the bolt seal. The jaws of a pair of bolt cutters are designed to compress metal and sever it at its weakest points. This means that if you squeeze them together around any metal object, they will eventually break through it–even if that object is thicker than what your hands can grasp (like a bolt seal).


  • 1.Place the jaws of the bolt cutters around the bolt seal.
  • 2.Place the jaws of the bolt cutters around the bolt seal.
  • 3.Squeeze the handles of the bolt cutters together until you hear a loud “snap”.

If there is no bolt cutter at sight, then the die grinder also workable, as one driver said: “I think in my years I have only had those cut with a die grinder maybe once or twice, only because me or the receiver didnt have bolt cutters.”

But something need to remind, a driver should never remove any kind of security seal without permission. And recievers at these warehouses generally will have bolt cutters, just got to ask for them.

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