Bolt seal manufacturer/supplier/vendor

We are the bolt seal manufacturer/supplier/vendor in China, which 90% bolt seals coming from. This bolt type high security seal can be personalized with customized color, logo, printing, and it is delivered in a closed box.

The bolt seal is one of our best-selling security seals in China, the clients most come from Mexico, the US and Canada,Australia, sourth Africa, United Kingdom, as well as other courntries with over 15 million bolt seals supplied. The bolt seal is a high security bolt seal that complies with ISO 17712, and exceeds international customs requirements, and can only be removed with bolt cutters or the like.

Unitan has production units strategically located throughout the world. we have done this to ensure that we can supply new and existing customers with the best quality stamps. All of our bolt seal plants are ISO 9001 certified. The bolt seal is designed to give you extra security. Both parts of the bolt seal can be marked so that if someone tries to remove the locking bolt and install another, the numbering will not match. This also offers additional laser marking options and color options. The bolt seal locking piece has been specifically designed not to “split” (rotate) as some other bolt seals on the market are prone to this type of attack. This is known as a “spin attack”.

As the bolt seal factory, we produce bolt seal with THE “H” CERTIFICATION ISO 17712: 2013

Because we as a bolt seal manufacturer,understands how security mispractices can undermine the effectiveness of a high-quality security seal. That’s why we have a large selection of high-security seals that are certified to ISO 17712 Annex A. This defines more than two dozen practices required to classify a security seal, such as facility risk assessments and access controls to production and storage areas.

ISO ‘H’ certified, the bolt seal complies with C-TPAT regulations, which require ALL US-bound containers to be locked with seals categorized as “high security”. This is important because if you import a container without a high-security seal installed, the container will be seized and you could receive a $2,000 seizure fee and face delays in US customs releasing your container.

If a High Security Seal is presented to you with only a clause 5 certificate or only a clause 6 certificate, then it is not rated “H”, which means it is not a High Security Seal.



The bolt seal offers several laser marking options specific to business requirements. Each bolt seal is flagged for laser marking of company logos and names, as well as standard sequential numbering. However, our high-tech laser machines supplied offer more advanced laser marking capabilities.


These include:

  • Traditional Barcode
  • Capable 1-D machine-readable linear code.
  • To store 20-45 characters (some variations up to 100)
  • Typically used in consumer goods and/or packaging for point-of-sale applications, for raw material labeling, inventory management, and package tracking.
  • 2-D Quick Response (“QR”) Code
  • Machine-readable 2-D code, capable of storing up to 7,000 characters.
  • Typically used for consumer-facing, marketing, and entertainment applications, as well as asset tracking in some industrial applications (eg, automotive manufacturing).
  • 2-D data matrix
  • Machine-readable 2-D code capable of storing up to 2000 characters.
  • Typically used for asset tracking and identification, as well as small items, including DoD (requires use of data matrix codes for UID purposes), aerospace and electronic applications.

If you are interested in learning more about how our intermodal bolt seals can improve your supply chain management, get in touch for a free sample sleeve.


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