6 main types of security seals

According to the material and function, the seals can be divided into plastic seals, steel wire seals, high security seals, instrument seals, electronic seals, tin seals and so on.

1 Plastic seals

Tension locking method; large marking area, can be printed with a variety of logos; low temperature anti-breakage and good toughness; permanent laser highest printing security mark; 100% plastic made for recycling. Can be made into various colors according to user requirements.

The lock body consists of aluminum alloy shell and zinc alloy inner parts, which can make company logo and continuous code according to customers’ needs. It is applied to various containers, vans, doors, tank trucks, etc. It is self-locking and fixed type, easy to install and convenient to use.

3 High security seal

Iron bar material is Q235A low carbon steel and galvanized, outer ABS plastic shell; laser, hot stamping marking, numbers, trademarks, bar codes are available, the logo is more clear and easy to read.

High-impact ABS inserted into good durability, large printing space, easy-to-read markings, permanent laser highest printing security markings.

5 Electronic seals

Electronic lead seal has good anti-pry function, compact structure, excellent material, after applying the seal, the seal line and seal for the integrated structure, damage and can not be restored. After applying the seal, the sealing line is not easy to be pulled out without destroying the sealing body, the tensile force is ≥150N. After applying the seal, the head cannot be pulled out from the sealing body without damage.

6 Tin seal

Material is tin-plated steel, double locking ring to improve security, self-locking system is very tolerant

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