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Plastic seals products

we handle a wide range of high quality security seal products, of different materials and types. One of the most used materials for the manufacture of security seals or security seals is plastic. The types of plastics used in manufacturing vary in the functionality and strength of the security seal, for example high impact ABS plastic is one of the strongest plastics in the industry making bottle security seals resist up to 15,000 N, this, as we mentioned, is used in the manufacture of bolt, nail or bottle security seals. Polypropylene is the plastic material that is most used in indicative and control security seals, since it has great resistance and is easy to adapt to any application. For example, the Plastic model is a security seal made entirely of plastic. made of polypropylene, like the Power security seal with the difference that it also has a metallic insert which makes it more resistant. Our security seals are manufactured with the best quality materials, therefore you can fully trust our products that will provide you with the security you need to take care of your valuables, whether in transport or in storage.

container plastic seal

Plastic Seals Applications:

Plastic security seals are configurable: numbering, name, logo, barcode and QR code. They are available in many sizes and colors.

Home daily use

This range of security seals is very wide since there are devices for different needs ranging from cable ties that are used even in homes to large companies to keep electricity lines tidy, also can work in all kinds of bags and sacks, doors, warehouses,

Oil and fuel industry

Because they are made of plastic, there may be doubts about their durability or strength; however, some are resistant to oils and fuels, as they are often used in tool boxes that are close to these elements that can corrupt the seals.


The progressive tightening plastic seal is used in many fields, such as logistics, transport, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kits…All types of ISO containers, tank cars, mail and courier, airline cargo, duty free, supermarkets, storage control, identification (food and others), etc. The security strap also can be used in transport equipment, trailers and containers.